Book at Barter Voyager

  1. Your gift certificate is good for ONE week for 2 adults at an all-inclusive resort in Mexico (other countries to be added soon)
  2. Taxes are NOT included and paid directly to the hotel.
  3. Taxes will be based upon actual value of booking and NOT value of certificate.
  4. Upon submitting request, you will receive (usually in 2 business days) a choice of TWO resorts to choose from.
  5. You can combine certificates for longer stay or multiple rooms; however, each room requires separate request.
  6. ALL changes or additions to reservation MUST be placed through our booking system – additional days, adding another person, etc.
  7. NO cancellations, but you can change name or dates.
  8. $10 a night will be charged to go to maid service. Sorry, we do not always trust the guest on this issue
We have noted to all certificate buyers that some trade exchanges are banned from utilizing and penalty. IF you purchased from said exchanges, such as IMS, GreenApple, iTrade, etc – please note at onset and we can find a solution.

If interested in Group bookings, please contact or call 615 236 6322.

We also have a variety of excursions, activities, and more if interested in more certificates, contact same above.